4860 Old Mayfield Rd. - PADUCAH, KY  42003
 [Directions to us: At the intersection of Old Mayfield Road and Bleich Road where Old Mayfield Road crosses over I-24 between exit's 7 & 16.} [From I-24, take US 45 South to K-Mart and turn left on Bleich Rd, follow Bleich all the way to the end. We are located in sight of the stop sign at the end of Bleich inside Marilyn's Medical Freedom

Welcome! I hope you take the time to look around a bit and then call me up and chat. A little background on myself is in order here - I've been treasure hunting since 1970 and 44 years (and counting) later I still love to swap stories with fellow enthusiasts.
My first detector was an inexpensive kit from Radio Shack as I recall, it wasn't very strong and had no discriminator but I found some stuff. My next detector was a Compass followed by a Daytona then a Garrett then a couple of Fisher's. Down through the years I've had and used most brands and have been successful with them all.
Now that my health and business ventures prevent me from hunting as much as I'd like I still get to visit with people who love the hobby as much as I do.
One day I put an ad in a local paper searching for anyone interested in forming a club and the West KY Treasure Preservation Society was formed and 2014 marks our 4th year. We sponsor a club hunt each October that keeps getting larger each year. Anyone interested in coming to a meeting to check us out is welcome. We meet the first Thursday evening of each month at 7pm here at my store.

I'm still new at selling detectors so I hope you'll give me a chance to win your business. Its hard to compete with the internet but I try and accept trade-ins and it doesn't have to be metal detectors. I've been know to take other items in on trade AND I have a lay-away plus 12 months same as cash on purchases over $1000.00 (subject to credit approval from a finance company). One thing the internet doesn't offer is letting you take a detector off the wall and play with it first.
Hope to see you soon!

I also try to keep some pinpointers such as the Pro-Find, ProPointer, the
Uni-Probe and the Fisher Pin Pointer, also some Lesche products.

I'm open from 9 - 5 Monday thru Friday & Saturday's 9 - 4 till Christmas.
If you can't make it when I'm open call me and let me know when you can come and I'll meet you here if possible at all.

I accept cash, check, Visa, MC and Discover.                                                                                        

Call for Your Best Price!
Free Shipping in the Continental USA


Fisher F-19 in green camo (available in
Pink Camo!!
  Buy a E-TRAC & receive Gloves, Car Charger & Beanie FREE

Buy a CTX 3030 & receive Gloves, CTX Carry Bag & CTX DVD FREE
    Buy a Safari & receive a Carry Bag & Gloves & Battery FREE           

Buy a SDC 2300 & receive a SDC Carry Bag & Gloves FREE
Buy a X-TERRA 305 & receive Gloves, Beanie & AA Batteries FREE
Buy a X-TERRA 505 & receive a Backpack Kit, Beanie & AA Batteriess FREE
Buy a X-TERRA 705 & receive RPG Headphones & AA Batteries FREE

Buy a Excalibur II & receive a Car Charger & Excalibur Battery FREE

Note: I have some 'fluff' in stock that I can include with 'in stock' items but these pictured here will be ordered and shipped from Minelab.





Detectors I try to keep in stock are:
    (*) Call for your best price
  • CTX-3030  -  $3250.00     ($2499.00) *
  • E Trac         -  $1975.00     ($1549.00) *
  • Eureka Gold- $1469.00      ($1049.00) *
  • Excalibur    - $1949.00      ($1499.00) *
  • X-Terra 705-    $990.00      ($729.00) *
  • X-Terra-505-   $695.00     ($649.00)  *
  • X-Terra-305-   $495.00      ($399.00) *
  • Safari           -  $1195.00      ($999.00) *
  • * call for our best price
  • Garrett
  • AT Pro                            -$699.95   *
  • AT Gold                          -$799.95   *
  • Ace 350                          -$349.95   *
  • Ace 250                          -$249.95   *
    * call for our best price
  • Fisher
  • CZ-3D                            -  $949.00  *
  • F-75 LTD                       -$1399.00  *
  • F-2  combo                      - $299.00 *
  • F-5                                 -  $549.00  *
  • F-19                New         - $725.00  *
  • * call for our best price
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Land Ranger Pro (new)        $449.00 *
  • Quick Draw Pro (new)          $299.00 *
  • Lone Pro (new)                     $199.00 *
  •  Teknetics
  • Delta                special         $279.00
  • Detector Pro
  •  Pirate                                $329.00  *
  • Pirate Pro                          $439.00  *
  • Wader                                $650.00  *
  • Uni-Probe



These are my used detectors I have as of 11/17/14
 Minelab Excalibur
    White's MXT 300
    White's Eagle Spectrum
    Garrett Master Hunter CXIII
If you want a nice detector but don't want to pay for a new one come by and check these out!




Minelab just announced a limited time price cut on the GPX-4800!!

Regular price $5,595.00

From now till February 27, 2015 you can own one for $4095.00.

If you've been thinking about getting a high-end gold detector, this is it.

Call me and I'll get one on its way to you anywhere in the Continental US..

Call or drop by for your best price. Bring along any trade-ins you may have, I'm always happy to talk to you and try to get together.

We'll try to direct you to the best detector for your type of hunting, mineralization in your area and the type of target your most interested in and make it as affordable as possible.

270) 519-0697 [my cell]

(800) 489-2022 [main phone to my sister company, Marilyn's Medical Freedom and I can be reached at this number during normal business hours] ((I can hear you better on the land line so try it first))

Our local club, the West KY Treasure Preservation Society was hired to look for a buried treasure some time back, we were offered $100.00 if we found it. I asked what it was and the man said it was a 5 gallon bucket of ammo, that he had buried it in his yard but didn't draw a map. I agreed and after work one Saturday some club members and myself went and found it for him. Below is a photo of me beside one of the buckets. (there turned out to be two) He refused to open either of them while we were there so we still don't know what treasure they contained but there has been a lot of speculation among the club members ever since.


As I mentioned I will consider taking trades on metal detectors and if you happen to have either a working Daytona or Compass I'd like to trade you out of either of them but they need to work ok. The Compass had a meter with the needle centered in the middle and would deflect to the left if the target was bad and to the right if it was good. It was grey as I recall. Most old detectors I have no use for but these would be nostalgic for me.


 Meets first Thursday evening at 7pm at Jim's Metal Detectors / Marilyn's Medical Freedom bldg.
4860 Old Mayfield Road
Paducah, KY  42003
call 800-489-2022 for directions.

Our 2014 Open hunt was a success drawing diggers from as far away as Ohio.
Here are a few shots taken from both days:

Prizes included 4 new detectors, a gold coin, several silver coins, night vision products, lots of detector 'stuff' and household items too.


I'd like to thank all my customers who made this my biggest Christmas season ever!

I hope in some small way I have contributed to enhancing your enjoyment of our great hobby.


Stay tuned! Garrett just announced their new Pro-Pointer AT coming soon as well as the reduction in price of the Pro-Pointer. More details to follow...